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Introduce the steps of operating the steam spreader
1.In terms of water vapor system, feed water heating in the heater to the temperature, the feed water pipe into the economizer, after further heat into drum, mixes with pan of water along the drop next to the water wall tube inlet header. The water is absorbed into the tube of water wall and the heat of the furnace is absorbed into the boiler tube. The water and steam are removed from the water.
2.By separation of full steam drum upper stream to the superheater, continue endothermic become 450 ℃ of superheated steam, and then sent to the steam turbine. In the incineration and smoke system, the air blower sends air into the air preheater to be heated to a certain temperature. Pulverized coal pulverized in a coal mill, which is sprayed into the furnace by a portion of hot air from the air preheater.

3.Vaporization of steam paroxysm is quieter, with water cutting and evaporation. Steam is more dry, high quality and reduces the scale of the pipe wall. The turbulent flame of the steam paroxysm is formed eddy current, strengthening the mixing of the cycle and improving the thermal power. The maintenance of the steam trap is simple: there are holes in the hot side of the flame, making it easier to investigate and organize directly. Blow-down is completely convenient: the blow-down hole sits on a low side, even if it is not obstructed. The top hole can directly investigate the roof and water side wall of the furnace.