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How many combustion devices are there for steam generators?
1.One of the most archaic, brief structure layer combustion equipment, divided into two kinds of single grate and double grate A single-layer grate made of cast iron, plate and strip B double grate, grate, there are two layer on the grate composed of water cooling tube fixed grate, grate under fixed grate is A regular cast iron. The above space is the wind chamber, the lower hearth is the ash pit, and the two floors are combustion Chambers.
3.A well-structured combustion equipment. Because of the high degree of mechanization, coal, slag removal, ash and so on all have mechanical end), sophisticated manufacturing technology, work stability, artificial dial the fire can make the combustion more energetic, combustion rate is also high, suitable for large, medium and small industrial boilers. Domestic chain grate can be divided into chain type, beam type and scale chain grate.

4.A combustion equipment that USES the reciprocating motion of the grate to complete the coal, slag, and fire mechanization. Reciprocating grate stoker by tilted placement method can be divided into reciprocating grate and horizontal reciprocating grate A inclined reciprocating grate for inclined ladder type, grate and settlement activity for the link and fixed link. The B horizontal reciprocating grate is composed of fixed grate and activity grate, and the grate is connected to each other.