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What are the types of biomass particle steam generators?
1.This kind of boiler USES solidified or gasified biomass fuel, the thermal energy that provides hot water, its advantage is small volume, the structure is brief, quotation is low; Defect is that the energy loss, and wide fuel consumption, heat supply is low, can't be happy heat needs of users, this kind of boiler guidelines for single rural families take warm days, hot water supply.
2.This type of boiler first USES solidified biomass fuel for hot water or steam. Its advantage is that the skills are more sophisticated, the energy loss is small, and the heat supply is stronger. The defect is some boiler fuel coking, the supporting plan is unreasonable.

3.Such boilers do not have practical products, primarily because the existing skills are not perfect, and the national policy on replacing coal with biomass is not sound, so it is only a concept. It focuses on a kind of thermal engineering of meeting and assembly control. The boiler is only used as one of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of all biomass thermal energy engineering