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The scale can reduce the thermal efficiency of steam generator
The heat that is released can't be passed to the furnace, so a lot of heat is carried away by flue gas, which can be added to the exhaust temperature and added exhaust heat loss, which will reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
In this case, to keep the boiler's rated parameters, more fuel must be added to the furnace, and the wind and wind should be strengthened to strengthen the burning. The result is that many of the unburned substances are expelled from the chimney, adding fuel consumption to it. We know that boiler furnace volume and floor area are certain, no matter how much fuel is added, fuel incineration is limited, so the thermal efficiency of boilers is impossible to improve.

The thicker the scale in the boiler, the lower the thermal efficiency and the greater the fuel consumption. Test data indicate that when the water scale reaches 1.5mm, it will consume 6% more fuel. For 5mm, the fuel consumption will reach 15%; For 8 millimeters, fuel consumption increased to 34 percent.