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Water scale added steam generator maintenance quantity and waste capital
Once the boiler is fouled, it must be removed to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Therefore, the removal of scale must be used for chemical agents such as acid and alkali. The thicker the scale, the more agents you consume and the more money you put into it.
For example, if the 1T/H type boiler is even scale 3mm, it will cost about 2500 yuan for the cost of the treatment of 0.5 tons of chemicals, plus the cost of labor. In accordance with the different tonnage of the boiler, the tonnage is added, and the required potion is added by one third, and the capital is added accordingly.
It is easy to get rid of the dirt in a general pan, but it can be very difficult to remove it. In this case, welding is not convenient if a new tube is replaced with a new tube.

It is more difficult to construct when the pot is filled with a blister. Once a large blisters to make a correction, it will cost about 1 to 20 thousand yuan. Total return, whether chemical descaling is still the procurement data repair, will cost a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.